Website Troubleshooting

Q: The website is too large for my screen. I need to use a scroll bar at the bottom to see the entire page.

A: Your screen resolution settings may be to blame. They need to be set at anything higher than 1280 x 768. To check your settings, select your operating system below:

                 Windows XP or earlier     Windows Vista

Q: The website seems all jumbled and items are not lining up right.

A: Most of these problems are caused by out of date browsers. To get the best experience using the website, make sure you are using the most up to date browsers.

Internet Explorer: 8.0 and above.

Firefox 3.5 and above.

Safari: 5.0 and above.

Chrome: 8.0 and above.

*It can also be important to have the correct settings on your browser - please click here for more information on setting up your browser.

If you are not sure which version of your browser you are using, select your browser type from the following list: 

Internet Explorer   Firefox   Safari   Chrome

NOTE: Keep in mind that browsers update regularly so the instructions given may not exactly match your browser version.

Screen Resolution:

WindowsXP and earlier: Start Menu > Settings (in the 2nd column) > Display > Settings Tab




Windows Vista: Start Menu > Control Panel > Personalization > Display Settings




Browser Versions

Internet Explorer:

Top menu: Help > About Internet Explorer




If it is out of date, you can download the newest version from the Microsoft website by clicking here



Top menu: Help > About Mozilla Firefox



To check for updates:

Top menu: Help > Check for Updates



Select the Gear Icon: About Safari



To update go to the Apple website by clicking here



Select the wrench icon > About Google Chrome


If it is out of date, this window will allow you to update it.